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Our Tahina is made from 100% pure ground  sesame seeds and  packaged  with great nutritional wealth.
The production process and packaging insure the preservation of all nutritional values and it's  great taste.

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El- Bawadi introduced a wide range of halwa products made of natural sesame seeds.

We made unique fusions with different  premium roasted nuts and chocolate, which distinguishes our Halawa from the rest of the market.
Due to it's high nutritional value, we've added the Halawa Bar products to our range as a fast  and quick snack.
With a unique range of products like Halawa Spread & it's unique quality,

El-Bawdi became the market leader in the Halawa industry in Egypt.



Made from 100% organic sugar cane, in addition to containing vitamins and minerals. Our signature Molasses supports the immune system and  is great natural sweetener.

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